2nd to last day of work!

28 08 2008

I don’t know if it’s a good thing that it’s my second to last day of work, but I’m ready to leave this job. Yesterday was a friends last day…I don’t know if she liked leaving but she’s going to college. Her last day was quite interesting, to say the least. I don’t know if it’s something I should describe here…not because it would be inappropriate but because she might not like it….then I wouldn’t be here to blog anymore. Joking, I would be here…but not in much condition to be typing for a while. But she did someone at work…I don’t remember the reason but it wasn’t a good reason. She also got in a debate with a guy who I would not peg to get into debates…let’s just say that he doesn’t look like the smartest person. The debate started with politics and then moved onto religion. He believed that religion was a crutch or a net for people who are to weak to do anything else. It was really sad. There was also this kind of dumb guy who said: “Doesn’t the word holiday have to do with lizards?” A friend and I heard this…although he claims that he said religion and not lizards. Uh-huh. Well…tomorrow is my last day…. 😦 Then I need another job.




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