Boring life…

22 08 2008

My life is so boring…if I wasn’t so sentimental about my life, I wouldn’t be writing this blog. So, I only have two days left at my work…I’m so sad…kind of. I might get a job as a nurse assistant…how interesting.
Hmmm, as of right now…my iPod only has 1.45GB of music on there…it’s really sad….I have an 8GB iPod but don’t use much of it….yet a couple of weeks ago I was saying I need a bigger iPod. How annoying…I’m even putting music on there that I know I won’t listen to.
Two of the girls from my church are planning on leaving for college next week. How sad…the church won’t be the same, to say the least. They will be missed…I think. Joking…they will be missed. Of course next year two more go….myself included. And we’re all going to the same college. Pensacola Christian College. Don’t stalk us if you’re a stalker.
I have recently decided that I might change my college plan. I’m thinking about going to PCC for 3 years, then going to BJU for my last year…so that I finish out accredited…I know that’s kind of cheap….but if I want to get my Master’s degree I have to go to an accredited college.

Well, until next time…have a great day!




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