I’m off to Camp!

11 08 2008

Well the day is finally here. It’s five o’clock in the morning and I’m blogging because I can’t sleep. Anticipation, excitiement, nervousness. If I remember correctly the food last year was actually half-way decent, this year a guy from my church is going….if it smells like almonds….run! (Joking, I stole that from a friend)
I wonder what my last year at camp as a camper is going to be like. It’ll be way different. For example, I’m going to have an actual counselor. Every year past I’ve had a random person as my counselor. Another thing that’s going to be different is that I get to bring 4 instruments: guitar, flute, recorder, and penny whistle. Of course a piano will be provided. I’m so excited! We have some people from another church, yay. (That was sarcastic) Bur for the most part I am excited. YAY!
Hopefully when I get back I’ll have many many more stories to tell you all, and many many pictures to post. I have enough memory cards to take one thousand pictures! I doubt I’ll take that many….:'( Joking. I don’t need to take that many pictures but I’ll be taking videos as well.




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