Camp’s Almost Here.

2 08 2008

Anticipation is in the air as camp quickly runs up on me. I have so much going on in preparation for it. Not just packing and stuff like that, but I have to play piano for so many specials, don’t get me wrong: I enjoy it, it’s just lots of preparation.
Let me recount what I’m doing:
Piano Solo:
1. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (I plan on taking home the gold with this. LOL. This is a pun because the theme for camp is Olympiad. If you could see me I’m laughing out loud litterally.
Vocal Solos:
2. Why Didn’t You Tell Me. (A song my 13 year old friend wrote. It is so powerful and amazing. I’m also playing this on the guitar which is a new thing for me.)
3. For the Glory of One. (Sung by my ex-piano teacher! It’s nice. We still have work to do.)
4. Your Raise Me Up. (Sung by one of my friends. Although this song could be sacred or secular it’s a very uplifting song.)
5. Were It Not for Grace (Sung by one of the counselers. I’m particularly proud for being able to work out the chords. Which are very weird. It doesn’t have a normal chord pattern.)
Group Songs:
6. I Will Glory in the Cross. (The teen boys are singing this. It sounds ok.)
7. For Those Tears I Died. ( The teen girls are singing this. I love it!
8. We Will Carry the Toarch. (We haven’t started practicing this yet but we should be able to pull it together in time.)
9. ______________ (I don’t know if there’s any others I’m thinking of singing one with a friend but we haven’t decided yet. Lol. Hopefully we pick soon, ASHTON!)

Well this is one of my long blogs hopefully I didn’t bore you. Camp is from the 11 through 16th of August. So you won’t be hearing from me that week obviously. I’ll try and summarize this all after camp and post pictures on facebook and flickr. Great stuff!




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