Last Day of Work

29 08 2008

I’m so sad…my last day of work is now over. Unfortunately it wasn’t any more special than anyother day… 😦 At least I got to work with people that I liked. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll find a new job soon. Got to go update my resume now.


2nd to last day of work!

28 08 2008

I don’t know if it’s a good thing that it’s my second to last day of work, but I’m ready to leave this job. Yesterday was a friends last day…I don’t know if she liked leaving but she’s going to college. Her last day was quite interesting, to say the least. I don’t know if it’s something I should describe here…not because it would be inappropriate but because she might not like it….then I wouldn’t be here to blog anymore. Joking, I would be here…but not in much condition to be typing for a while. But she did someone at work…I don’t remember the reason but it wasn’t a good reason. She also got in a debate with a guy who I would not peg to get into debates…let’s just say that he doesn’t look like the smartest person. The debate started with politics and then moved onto religion. He believed that religion was a crutch or a net for people who are to weak to do anything else. It was really sad. There was also this kind of dumb guy who said: “Doesn’t the word holiday have to do with lizards?” A friend and I heard this…although he claims that he said religion and not lizards. Uh-huh. Well…tomorrow is my last day…. 😦 Then I need another job.

Boring life…

22 08 2008

My life is so boring…if I wasn’t so sentimental about my life, I wouldn’t be writing this blog. So, I only have two days left at my work…I’m so sad…kind of. I might get a job as a nurse assistant…how interesting.
Hmmm, as of right now…my iPod only has 1.45GB of music on there…it’s really sad….I have an 8GB iPod but don’t use much of it….yet a couple of weeks ago I was saying I need a bigger iPod. How annoying…I’m even putting music on there that I know I won’t listen to.
Two of the girls from my church are planning on leaving for college next week. How sad…the church won’t be the same, to say the least. They will be missed…I think. Joking…they will be missed. Of course next year two more go….myself included. And we’re all going to the same college. Pensacola Christian College. Don’t stalk us if you’re a stalker.
I have recently decided that I might change my college plan. I’m thinking about going to PCC for 3 years, then going to BJU for my last year…so that I finish out accredited…I know that’s kind of cheap….but if I want to get my Master’s degree I have to go to an accredited college.

Well, until next time…have a great day!

Amazing Week

16 08 2008

This last week was amazing…lots of fun: meeting new people, playing my music, and lots of exercise. I placed second in piano, although I deserved it….the winner played a violin solo that was very very good. My camp was also Cabin of the Year. I took over 250 pictures and video clips. The Olympiad was the theme, the preaching of Dave Kistler was amazing and very powerful. I’m amazed how short this was but I don’t have much to talk about though.

I’m off to Camp!

11 08 2008

Well the day is finally here. It’s five o’clock in the morning and I’m blogging because I can’t sleep. Anticipation, excitiement, nervousness. If I remember correctly the food last year was actually half-way decent, this year a guy from my church is going….if it smells like almonds….run! (Joking, I stole that from a friend)
I wonder what my last year at camp as a camper is going to be like. It’ll be way different. For example, I’m going to have an actual counselor. Every year past I’ve had a random person as my counselor. Another thing that’s going to be different is that I get to bring 4 instruments: guitar, flute, recorder, and penny whistle. Of course a piano will be provided. I’m so excited! We have some people from another church, yay. (That was sarcastic) Bur for the most part I am excited. YAY!
Hopefully when I get back I’ll have many many more stories to tell you all, and many many pictures to post. I have enough memory cards to take one thousand pictures! I doubt I’ll take that many….:'( Joking. I don’t need to take that many pictures but I’ll be taking videos as well.

Great Piano Lesson!

7 08 2008

So today I was blessed to be able to play my piano teacher’s $20,000 grand piano! WOW! So, when I started playing I was very timid, afraid of ruining it or damaging it some way. She basically said: “My piano was made for a guy to play it. You can just abuse it” Still in the end I was a little more comfortable with it but I was entirely comfortable. It was lots of fun to play. Today is a day that I will never forget.

Scary Dream

5 08 2008

Now for most of you this wouldn’t be scary but this was really freaky for me. So today I’m going to work, and there will be two new baggers. Personnally it’s frustrating because I don’t know what kind of person it’s giong to be. Anyways I had a dream that I went to work and the new worker was friend who isn’t even old enough to work there. It wasn’t so much scary as it was really weird. It was a very strange dream. Anyways I had to write this so I could remeber it forever.