Wonderful Customer

2 07 2008

I met the most wonderful customer at work today. I think this lady worked at the Commissary but she was super kind. She decided to sing for one of the cashiers. She sang “America the Beautiful” and at probably like 60 years or older, she had perfect vibrato in her voice, perfect diction, perfect phrasing, it was perfect. It almost brought me to tears. It was wonderful.
So on our way out to her car we were talking and I mentioned that I was going to college to be a pianist. She just about jumped to the moon! Her mom was a classical pianist. She had to then examine my hands. I instantly told her that my hands are small for a guy. (Which they are) She then told me to close my eyes, which I did hesitantly. She then sang this beautiful song about pennies from heaven. She instructed me to pretend to play piano while she sang. Amazingly I was in another world. I could hear this music, I didn’t even recognize the song, but I could still hear it. It was miraculous. Maybe someday I’ll experience that again.
*Edit: I’ll just say this. I could not believe her ability to sing. Many people today who claim they can sing, actually can’t. This lady could.




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