Frustrating Day at Work

25 07 2008

So, besides being super tired from a week of helping out at Vacation Bible School, I had to work. It was really frustrating. Now I don’t know if you are the kind of person to do this but if you are: Officially you are weird. I was given a three dollar check. Yes, a $3 check. How depressing is that. So, I went to the Navy Exchange to cash the check. What do they tell me? “We can’t cash third party checks.” What made me mad was not that they wouldn’t cash it, it was that it was three dollars and wouldn’t cash it.


Whirly Ball Anyone?

19 07 2008

I just got to play whirly ball. It’s a cross between bumper cars, lacross, and basketball. It’s great! You get to ride in a bumper car, use a lacross scoop thing, and shoot it into a vertical hole. Of course now I’m super sore, and when I wake up in the morning I’ll probably be more sore. And of course I have to play organ tomorrow! ARG! I can barely play organ but I’m the only one who can play it except for one lady in our church but she doesn’t play anymore. Sorry this is so short. But I’m ready to turn in for the night.

Wonderful Evening

19 07 2008

So, yesterday at church I think the Lord was really there. I know that he is always there but He was really there. The singing was wonderful and very strong, considering the small-ish congregation. The message was great! The Spirit of the Lord was there. I felt I just had to write it down or I’d burst!

Weird Co-Worker, Very Very Sad

15 07 2008

I hope he never reads this, but there’s this guy at my work….we’ll name him “Lucy.” He wants to go to Harvard, Yale, or Brown; to be a lawyer. Yani, you will know who I’m talking about. (He only bathes once a week and washes his hair once a month.) He insists that Harvard will let him in even though he has a 1.7 GPA. Ridiculous, I know! After I finished laughing in his face, which normally I wouldn’t do, I proceded to tell him that that would never happen. He kept insisting that it would. Eventually half the people there were trying to tell him that it’s not possible. I feel so sorry for him and his belief. It depresses me. What will depress me more is if he comes in with a congratulations letter from Harvard.

New Job….Maybe

12 07 2008

I’m so desperate for a new job. I was originally going to try for somewhere away from the Commissary. Not for any reason but a change of scenery. But I have a chance of getting a job there as a cashier. I also have a chance of getting a job at the NEX, which is connected to the Commissary, as a checker. It’ll be exciting. Hopefully I get one of them. Both starting rates are the same at $9.50 I think. I have a friend who basically has 3 jobs but she’s letting go of one of them. How lucky. I wish I jobs to let go of.


8 07 2008

I have found a new composser, Yiruma! He’s a Korean pianist. I love his music. A co-worker, who will remain nameless because of stalkers, told me about him. I have instantly fallen in love with the music. It’s super complex but the melody is very simple. Here’s his interpretation of his song from


7 07 2008

A sigh of relief may now be let out from my mouth. I have finally finished school! All tweleve grades! Pomp and Circumstance now rings in my ears. Don’t jump to conclusions. I started 12th grade in October. So I was scheduled to finish July 9th. It’s weird that I finished so close to on time. All three previous years I finished with months to spare. It’s very weird. Yes! Finally that was the last step in order for me to be accepted into Pensacola Christian College. Check out my new videos.