My page

29 06 2008

I have decided to bring my page to you. Here’s some of my videos.

My attempt at singing.

My string quartet.

My piano playing.


My New Books

29 06 2008

I have decided to undertake the great task of writing two books. They will be best sellers! “Of the Devil” and “By: Daniel, These Proverbs Are”
“Of the Devil” is a book I am writing which lists many things and people I think are “of the devi.l” Don’t worry if you’re listed, it’s not out of spite but out of love.
“By: Daniel, These Proverbs Are” is a book where I list many proverbs which I have rewritten.
Hopefully I can finish them.

SAT Scores

26 06 2008

So I didn’t hit 200 but here’s my score……drum roll please……….1620!
Critical Reading 570 71%
Math 600 75%
Writing 450 34%

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support.

SAT Scores Anticipation

25 06 2008

I’m so anxious for my SAT scores to come out! Thursday is the day they will come out. I’m so nervous that my scores won’t be good enough for Pensacola Christian College. Althogh all that they require is a 1200 out of 2400. There shouldn’t be a problem. I was aiming for 2000 but I don’t think I’ll get that….ever.

The Gospel of Kennison Calls

24 06 2008

I guess that I should spread the Gospel of Kennsion. I listen to a podcast called: Nobody’s Listening. Nobody’s Listening is a clean comedy podcast featuring funny true-life stories. The show is produced and hosted by James Kennison.

There we go! Now if anyone from reads this I have done my job to speard the Gospel of Kennison. James would be proud.

Strawberry Festival

22 06 2008

So my family and I went to Marysville’s 37th Strawberry Festival. Which I will say was quite boring. Although there was a really cool marching band, some people playing bagpipes, and some really weird floats. (Including ones who played really the Camp Rock theme song and That’s How You Know from Enchanted.)

The highlight of the festival, unfortunately, was this lady getting arrested. She was this kind of big lady and she was apparently high on something. And this happened about 10 feet from where we were. But there were two police officers who had to subdue her. Then she had to be carted off in a van. It was kind of sad.

There’s my blog for today! Hope you keep reading.

World Record!

18 06 2008

So here’s my real post for today.

I was going for the world record of lowest amount made in an hour. Sadly today I made one dollar in the first hour I worked! For those of you who don’t know me. I have a great job. I work at the Smokey Point Commissary as a bagger, which means I work for tips only. Which isn’t bad when on average I make $12 an hour.  Well today it was so slow that the first hour I made $1! YAY! Later by the grace of God I was able to make $31.08 in 3 hours!

I told a friend who I work with that if I made $3 total, which it seemed like what was going to happen, I would call the Guinese Book of World Record and see if I could get in for making the least in a first world country. Is that possible? If you think about it, even homeless people in America are better off than most people in this world. So I should be thankful to have that job, but I guess it’s human nature to complain.

Hopefuly I haven’t borred you too much and I hope that you enjoy reading these small insights into my life.